Inspired by the land’s natural and historical abundance of life, Masterstock Gardens has pioneered the regeneration of traditional agricultural techniques. This age-old food growing technique, known as heritage farming, entails the integration of traditional heirloom foods into a wild environment.

Masterstock Gardens’ mission is to continue its strong philosophy of a natural and cultural heritage by blending nature with food growing that then results in the production of high quality, great tasting, nutritious foods and seeds as an alternative to the modern food system. These food types include vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, nuts and berries. Our aim is to add value to society through creating awareness, r egeneration of agricultural land, sharing information and providing education that enables us to restore our traditional heritage right to nutritious food, vitality and connectivity to self and earth.


Heritage farming is a traditional food-growing method, which relies on the surrounding ecosystem to collectively produce a crop’s yield. Unlike modern farming practices, Heritage farming is self-sufficient and does not rely on scientific intervention to sustain itself.

Heritage farming compliments its surroundings and supports the natural environment by creating a healthy ecosystem where all animals and organisms participate and benefit. We call this an integrated natural farming method. Unlike conventional farming methods, Heritage farming does not use insecticides or artificial fertilizers.

Emphasis is placed on the types of natural nutrients the various food-growing plants absorb – via their roots and leaves. Natural ingredients found in the indigenous surrounds of the area are then used within the food growing to create healthy, high quality food sources.

Heritage farming is different to organic farming. Organic farming is termed “organic” due to its absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, however it does not categorise the soil ingredient derivation and its content. Unlike organic foods, Heritage farming solely utilizes natural, nutrient-rich soil to produce a far more superior crop, which is due to its unspoiled natural settings and methods.

Heritage farming is a return to the basics. It’s the purest form of growing food, resulting in a climatised and robust food and seed stock.
We are committed to share our knowledge about traditional heritage farming, regeneration of misused land and integrated wild food growing systems. 
We will gladly be of assistance locally or abroad.
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